Trickery Book Review: Another Dystopian YA…But This Time With a Reverse Harem


Trickery by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington is the first book in YA fantasy series with a strong focus on the romantic relationships, in which all five brothers vie for the affections of the main character, Willa. In the beginning of the book, we are introduced to the requisite dystopian society, but we get down to the business of hardcore angst pretty quickly, and it doesn’t let up for the rest of the story…in a the way that keeps you reading–bewildered–well into the night.

Unfortunately, for me personally, the only elements in Trickery that kept my interest were the angsty/lusty relationships and the uniqueness of the harem dynamic. Many of us were frustrated with how repetitive and annoying Willa’s clumsiness became! It will be important for a future plot point. Noted. 😛 The world-building was too superficial for my taste, although I can appreciate that it may fit the genre. Another girl in our group has read the other books and said the world-building gets more intricate and involved, so I look forward to that.

Co-Authors Adds Another Layer

We all thought it was interesting that the two authors worked together to write this book and we were curious as to who wrote which parts.

Wine Selection & Tasting Notes

Sexy Wine Bomb Red Blend. Scent and palate are one and the same: sweet cherries, chocolate, and surprising note of cheerful lychee.

Trickery Discussion Questions

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