The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue: Supernatural Romance for Your Book Club

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An Addie LaRue playlist? To totally continue the vibes from the book and take you on a memory journey of all the coolest parts? I hope you enjoy!! This playlist features some of my favorites artists, including Mika, Lewis del Mar, Hozier, and Billie Eilish…

Thank you to Addie LaRue author VE Schwab for re-popularizing the term ‘Faustian bargain’ and for writing a book with such an interesting concept: how to leave your mark on the world when no one can remember you. It’s very cool to see how our protagonist approaches the challenge.

Hard to get into then hard not to love, movie, produced by Gerard Butler’s company G-base. This is another one that would be really fun on screen, not only to see how the casting compares with how I envisioned the characters, but also to see the fantasy & horror elements adapted into visual eye candy.

Our next book … The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw (post to follow). I am very much looking forward to this book even though I have almost no idea what to expect from this collection of short stories…except that I heard it was spicier than the title may suggest!

Wine Selection & Tasting Notes

Silverscape Syrah 2020. Red plums and some savory note. Mild tannins disperse nicely.

Addie LaRue Book Club Questions

  1. Imagine yourself in Addie’s place in 17-whatever. Would you have made the same deal with Luc?
    • Would you have made the deal if you understood the terms fully?
    • If you managed to summon a god in the twilight, what deal would you make?
  1. Which curse is worse, Addie’s or Henry’s?
  1. Is art worth the price of your soul? What would be worth your soul?
    • Are the consequences of losing your soul the same in this story as they are in other religious and fantasy contexts?  

“…the opera plays on, perfectly preserved inside the prism of her memory, and Addie wonders, softly, silently, if their souls were a fair price for such fine art.”

  1. Discuss Addie’s revelation that ideas are different from memories and that she could impact the world by spreading ideas.

“Memories are stiff, but thoughts are freer things. They throw out roots, they spread and tangle, and come untethered from their source.”

  1. Addie first calls Luc a god, after Estelle’s belief in multiple gods. She later calls him the Devil. Do you think he is one of many? Or is he one of two great supernatural forces; as he says “the devil is simply a new word for a very old idea.”

“And you think if I am real, then so is he. The light to my shadow, the day to my dark? And you are convinced, if only you had prayed to him instead of me, he would have shown you such kindness and such mercy.”

“I am a god of promise, Adeline, and wars make terrible patrons.”

“I am the one who sees kindling and coaxes it to flame. The nurturer of all human potential.”

  1. Why didn’t [a] god answer Addie’s prayers during the day?
  1. Was the ending satisfying? What will become of Addie when Luc finds out he has been tricked and “when she traded her soul for herself, she did not say forever, but as long as you want me by your side. And those are not the same at all”?
    • What if she was wrong and Luc truly loves her and wants to be with her forever? Even with her plan to “…Ruin his idea of them.”
    • Imagine the next part of the story. What if Luc were to gift Addie with power in order to have an equal as his companion? (This is not unprecedented—he already gave her power she did not ask for, including a perfect memory. He has stated that she is not mortal, and therefore should not be bound by the rules that mortals are bound to in making deals.) Is this how gods are made?
  1. Agree or disagree?

“Small places make for small lives. And some people are fine with that. They like knowing where to put their feet. But if you only walk in other people’s steps, you cannot make your own way. You cannot leave a mark.”

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